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wishing I was pale so I could rock red…just kidding…maybe

wishing I was pale so I could rock red…just kidding…maybe

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i’ve got a big fat lesbian crush 

i’ve got a big fat lesbian crush 

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a common misconception: gym makeup

I know I’ve just started writing this blog but I’m way to excited to let a day go by without adding to this blank slate so here goes. I originally starting writing this post as a sort of “forget-me-not” since I love this look and I know I would someday run out of my product.

This is an allover, effortless guide to applying makeup that will help squash the mistaken belief that wearing makeup to the gym makes you look like a try-hard. There’s absolutely no reason not to look good! A simple palette eliminates an overworked and tired look and prevents the streaky makeup look from sweat.  


CLINIQUE’s Superbalanced Makeup ($23) is an oil-free, water-resistant liquid foundation that comes in a variety of shades to match your skin complexion flawlessly. Your skin tone will look natural as ever due to this bottled magic’s lightweight formula.

Use: I pour out about a dime-size amount onto my hand and literally rub it all over my face. If you choose to do this, make sure to completely rub it in and don’t forget to blend it into your neck and chest area! Another option would just be to use it as a sort of concealer and dab it under your eyes and around any trouble spots.

**Tip: I’ve found that using BAREMINERALS’ Mineral Veil ($20) is an added benefit to wearing foundation for a long period of time. If you plan on just going to the gym and running home to shower, I wouldn’t waste my time on it though.


I like pastes because they are easy to use with a brush or finger – ring fingers only – and the product goes on pretty clean. My suggestion would be KORRES’ Quercetin & OAK Antiageing Concealer ($22). If you lean more towards cream concealers, I would go for CLINIQUE’s Advanced Concealer ($17). If, on the very off chance, you are more of a powdered concealer kind of girl, I can only really go so far as to recommend the only one I have tried which is LAURA MERCIER’s Secret Camofluage ($32) but if you are on a tighter budget I’ve only heard good things about BAREMINERALS’ Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 ($20).

Use: Pretty self-explanatory. You conceal what needs to be concealed.

 **Tip: I’m a bit of a weirdo and like experimenting with different products to create a nude lip look. Rub a slight dab along your bottom lip and smack your lips to blend evenly. Apply a thin layer of lip balm (NIVEA’s lip care products are hands down the best) and you’re left with a more matted nude look than a forced beige smile.


Prices can really range for good bronzers. If you don’t mind shelling out a little more for a bronzer that is long-lasting, moisturizing, and goes on without lines or marks, GUERLAIN Teracotta Bronzing Powder ($51) is worth every penny but I’m sure you all have your own preferences.

Use: Brush a light layer all over your face, emphasizing your cheekbone area, and work your way down your neck and chest area.

** Tip: BLOT LADIES! Grab a tissue and gently swipe it over the surface of your skin. This is crucial if you don’t want to make it absolutely obvious that you have a layer of fake brown covering your face. 


I’m a big fan of NARS Blush ($29). They have every color imaginable and they have really great bronzer/blush sets that will save you money in your wallet and space in your makeup bag. 

Use: Suck in your cheeks just a little to emphasize your cheeks bones and slowly start applying light patches to the apple of your cheeks. Don’t smile because that will bring your cheeks up and may make the blush lie too low on your face.

** Tip: Make sure you are in a well lit room because God knows you are going to walk out the door and not even take a second glance at yourself looking like a giant red balloon.

Eye Shadow:

I don’t think I can emphasize URBAN DECAY’s Naked Palette ($50) and Naked2 ($50) enough. The prices are a little steep but it also comes in a miniature form, Naked Basics Palette ($27). When you first apply it you are kind of left wondering why you spent so much money on shadow that is barely any different from your own skin tone but you have to know how much to apply.

Use: Choose your favorite neutral shade and just do you. I would only recommend covering your actual eyelid since this is more of a day look but since these shadows are so natural looking, it’s cool to add a little depth along the crease of your lid. 

** Tip: I wouldn’t overload your brush since the pigments will wind up splattering all under your eye. Grab enough on your brush and tap it to disperse loose pigments. 


If you want to get a clean black line, definitely make the move to liquid liner if you haven’t already. I’ve had the most success  with STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner ($20). Black should really only be used on your top eyelid unless you’re going for a smokey eye and today is not that day.

Use: Draw a thin line running across your inner eyelid to your outer eyelid and no further. You can go for a cat eye look too but I wouldn’t make it too dramatic.

**Tip: If you drew a pretty good line but you can’t draw perfectly straight lines under pressure, don’t panic. It’s better to keep your makeup on and fix it than use makeup wipes and leave you with a wet, greasy-looking face. Simply use a small, flat brush to apply eye shadow to the areas that need a little straightening out or wet the tip of a cotton swab and erase any mistake you made and start over again. 


Mascara is probably the most important part of this whole ensemble. Without it, you’re eyes really don’t pop. Then again, mascara can really ruin a good makeup day if it’s too chunky. Getting nice, full-length lashes is easy with BENEFIT COSMETICS They’re Real Mascara ($10 for the mini; $23 for regular size). You will literally have people asking if your eyelashes are real since they are so girlishly long but in a really pretty, natural way.

Use: I tend to be a little OCD and count the amount of times I flick my mascara up from the roots of my lashes to the ends. My count is usually around 10 depending on how crazy I’m feeling. 

** Tip: Nix the spidey eye and don’t mascara your bottom lashes. Unless you’re an absolute pro, you ain’t gonna nail it. I’m telling you. 

Lip Stick:

I know what you are thinking. I’ve been harping on simplicity but trust me, a nude pink lipstick like NARS Pure Matte Lipstick ($26) in Madere ties a nude palette together.

Use: Dot a light amount across your top and bottom lips and rub your mouth to blend it out evenly. 

** Tip: Don’t make it obvious. Your lips aren’t supposed to look like you just fell face first into a pile of sand.

All of the makeup I’ve recommended can be found at SEPHORA. Hope you enjoy!

xx alex